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Window set design is your gate to get the better view in house by using your house corner. You can create larger room by putting the view on the corner of your house. The atmosphere of this positioning make room has the bright of sun which come into your room trough the window glasses. It is what so called as the window set as your design. Like people around the world, this model is adapted from the West, in which they refer to build a house with big yard, so that they can get the fresh air and the bright sun trough the window as well.

Relaxing sensation with the view of outdoor through the window can be enjoyed by positioning some chairs along the window. You may choose the long couch to get the design of window set. This window set design is really helping you in creating larger view for your small room. However, in making this design really needs some consideration of the size of your couch which should be suit to your room. You may choose the natural color of your wall, such as brown, white, or light pink to crate feeling of calm and relax.

This window set design doesn’t need so much money to make it. You only need the consideration of color choice and correct size of your couch. This equipment is easy to get. So many furniture stores provide this equipment to please you as their consumer. Make sure that clothes cover the window come from the natural color also, since the dark color won’t be match with the light of the sun which comes through your window. This design may be used in several rooms in your house, such as your office, reading room, living room, or your favorite room. The choice of this design won’t be suitable for your children playing room, since there is much furniture in this room, which might be dangerous for your kids.

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